Sky Harvest 2017 Expansion

Sky Harvest has literally ‘outgrown’ our current farm space and are looking for a new warehouse space to move into! We would love your help to find a new warehouse in East Vancouver to continue our organic growth!

About Sky Harvest
Sky Harvest is Canada’s first certified organic, urban farm.  Our work transforms the urban landscape, improves access to healthy produce and provides a place of community, education and work for local residents.  Our current focus is growing microgreens and delivering them by bicycle to over 70 of Vancouver’s top chefs and grocery stores each and every week.
Our day-to-day activities are driven by three core values:
  1. Lead by example: Providing a strong example of corporate social responsibility in business
  2. Inspire and assist: Spur the adoption of sustainability principles into others’ operations whenever feasible
  3. Innovate: Use innovation to move society towards sustainability and thrive-ability

What we are looking for:

  • We are seeking to expand our operation from the 2300 sq ft we have now to 2700-4000 sq ft of space (this is an exciting opportunity for us and the future of urban agriculture in Vancouver!)
  • It can be below grade or less desireable space due to the economic realities of farm life being a challenge in Vancouver’s real estate market
  • If below grade, we need elevator access
  • We require some outdoor space for our soil bins and washing of trays (2-3 parking space equivalents)
  • Ventilation and/or climate control of the space is important as we need to move humidity and keep the air moderated
  • Given the awesome fact we deliver all of our greens by bicycle, proximity to downtown is important for us
  • We are open to shorter-term leases (3 years+) if a property is to be redeveloped

Please email if you have a warehouse space or can connect our farm with interested developers/landowners